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Welcome to the Steepletone website. Steepletone was founded in 1972, and originally operated from a small village cinema. For many years record players and audio equipment were manufactured in-house. In the early 80's all manufacturing was moved to the Far East so the company could continue to offer a wide range of competitively priced consumer electronics. During the mid 90's more Gift products were sourced, but retaining electrical or electronic content.
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New Model: TOUCH ROCK 50 TWO
Model: SHSS7
Replica Full Size Helmet iPod Audio system 2 - 1 sound.
Model: Memphis DAB- MP3 Recorder
70's Style Ghetto Blaster, Mw/Fm Radio with SD/USB MP3 Playback
Bluetooth Connectivity Ac/DC
Model: SM001 MK3
! Now with Bluetooth !
Model: iTower
Model: MD7a Mini Cooper CD Player + Fm
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Now In Stock - Model: Brighton
Summer Colour's!
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Model: SMC1033 - CD TO CD BURNER
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